Who We Are

Canada's First Official Centralized Registration Service Issuing Membership Services and Photo ID Card Registration in Canada and the USA to:

  • People with Disabilities and their Service Animals,
  • Handlers of Service Animals in Training, and
  • Owners of Certified Therapy Animals

Not affiliated with any government agency

Our Mission Statement

As Canada's centralized registry service we are committed to offering membership services and the official standardized CRTASA Photo ID Card to all Canadian and USA CRTASA members to help them confirm rightful ownership of their:

  • Officially Trained and Certified Service Animals
  • Service Animals in Training
  • Certified Therapy Animals

Welcome to CRTASA

If you need to contact us in the interim please email: info@crtasa.com or visit our CRTASA BLOGSPOT by clicking on provided hyperlink.

You can also follow us on twitter.

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