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Canada's lead centralized registry of certified therapy and service animals

Issuer of official CRTASA Photo ID Cards to verified owners and their certified assistance / therapy animal.

CRTASA Photo ID Card Registry

Service Animal

Photo ID Card offered to owner whose visible / non-visible disability or special need(s) require the assistance from their certified and successfully trained service animal.

Therapy Animal

Photo ID Card offered to owner of a  certified therapy animal which has been fully trained to provide emotional comfort and psychological support to others in institutional settings.

Working Animal-in-Training

Photo ID Card offered to individuals registered to work with a service / therapy animal in training so they can gain access to public places in aid of properly socializing the working animal to different social surroundings and public environments. 

Benefits of CRTASA Photo ID Card

Our photo ID registry cards help provide our verified members with easier general public access to public places and services with their service / therapy animal. 

In addition, by having a readily recognized CRTASA Photo ID Card visible on the working animal can help members of the general public and service providers in Canada and abroad recognize with more ease and confidence that the service / therapy animal accompanying their owner has being properly vetted and verified by CRTASA as being a legitimate working animal that has been certified and trained by a professional trainer to assist their owner with a visible and/or non-visible disability and those with special needs. 

Features of the CRTASA Photo ID card include the current photo of both the owner and their working animal and other pertinent registry details to confirm that the CRTASA  member and their CRTASA registry are valid, current and in good standing.

*Our CRTASA Photo ID Cards are also designed to prevent misuse as well as do not allow for transference to non-registered owners or uncertified animals such as pets.

Credibility of CRTASA

Our History

Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals (CRTASA) launched in November 2010 to create a stream-lined registration and verification system of therapy and service animals being used by their owners with special needs, visible and non-visible disabilities. Our Photo ID Cards issued to our verified members across Canada and the USA aim to provide them and their working animals with improved ease of access to public places and services.  Our membership registration process is very detailed and thorough as we verify and validate all submitted applications and documentation before issuing a valid Photo ID Card to an applicant interested in registering their service or therapy animal with CRTASA.

Services & Benefits Offered

  • Annual Membership Registration
  • Official Photo ID and Registration Card for Therapy Animals
  • Official Photo ID and Registration Card for Service Animals
  • CRTASA Photo ID & Registration Card for Service / Therapy Animals In-Training that are enrolled in an Official Certified Assistance Training Program
  • CRTASA Membership Group Discounts
  • Accessibility Support Services
  • Monthly Accessibility Updates / Newsletter 


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